Saturday, 19 October 2013

Finally, Camping

I can't believe it's taken so long. We have an old trailer tent and we finally managed to take a break for a couple of nights after talking about it ad nauseam. We went to Arisaig in the West Highlands (of Scotland), about 4 hours by car. Though, I have to say, I saw the forecast and noticed there wasn't any rain. In fact, there was a hardly a cloud in the sky, which meant a clear view of the Northern Sky at night. It was really wonderful...
Our tent is in the middle on the hill, with the islands of Eigg and Rhum in the background.
The area is also referred to as Blessed Morar, relatively untouched by the Reformation.
In front of the cross you have a superb view of the islands. To the rear of the cross is Loch Morar. There is a somewhat lengthy account of the history of the cross and the area in the context of the Reformation given here. But the detail of how there was a secret seminary on the island after the Reformation and how it's chapel was destroyed is a salutary reminder of how the Catholic Faith survived during difficult times.
And here we have the very train viaduct used in three of the Harry Potter films that we passed in Glenfinnan on the way. (A clear view follows). We also saw the steam train twice! It was lovely. Literally, a blast from the past.