Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wee Real Estate with Real Character(s)

We live in a older house in a part of Scotland known for its damp climate. My younger boys' bedroom is facing north west, where the Atlantic rain come from, and gets little sunshine. So, like the room below, it tends to be a little damp (maybe folk in warmer climes can't relate to this already).
But now imagine this.

We had an unpleasant aroma from a bedroom. Locating the smell was like a Sherlock Holmes times seven. There was almost a form of rejoicing when, after weeks, we eventually found it. In the ultimate hiding place.

It used to be my special son's bedroom and he had managed to relieve himself in the light shade. (No typo: light shade). We have bunk beds, in case your wondering, so I imagine he was on the top bunk at the time.
On another occasion he opted for a corner. This was actually a virtue - literal obedience to 'now (for the tenth time) don't get out the room and go to sleep'.

Then, just as a recent sample, two nights ago I walked in in the dark, only to stand on some 'fresh' wee on the carpet. I'm sure others have found the same many times (I hope!). Both boys (4 and 5) had their pyjamas on and, quite innocently, denied all knowledge in the morning. It wasn't obedience this time (we have learned) but probably being caught short - of the door in this case.

But when people think my house is nice, I know they haven't been to this room. Don't worry, the carpet is going very soon- I do love my children.

I have to admit our house 'has character' - and characters.

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