Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Turning down a no-brainer

Tonight is World Book Night.
World Book Night has a scheme that allows those who are interested to give away free books to those who might not read that much. My wife celebrated World Book Night by giving out free copies of books in our local town today with the help of her sister. Easy, eh? My wife didn't even have to bear the cost of the book giveaway.

Well, not quite. She was ignored mostly, some others were very rude, and one person even shouted at them. There was a cost, even if the gift was free.

The problem is we are so cynical that we don't believe someone could have something for us for free that doesn't come with strings attached or some other vested interest. There are a lot of people being untruthful out there.

So, there's a tip to be learned here about helping others, attempting to better direct them towards grace, the greatest free gift. Next time you're thinking of giving someone some help in a more serious matter, like speaking to someone about having faith, and a relationship with God, think of how it must appeal in this cynical world. The relationship's the thing. Your genuine relationship with God, and your genuine relationship with them. Do you make quiet, hidden sacrifices for love of both? Say interiorly who you're doing it for. This is sincere, genuine love, to sacrifice for the one you love.

I think Bl.John Paul II said 'prayer and sacrifice are the most powerful combination man has ever known'.

And, for Goodness sake, don't start with 'I'm not trying to sell you something'. Honesty is wonderful, great and essential, but you have to be smart as well.

And at the end of the night they were all gone. Persevere!

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