Friday, 7 December 2012

From a daughter to brothers

Dear brothers, how blessed I am to have you in my life. I am blessed four times over (well, four and a half). I may be twice your size, in two of those instances, but then how would we play hide 'n' seek if you couldn't fit into all those wee hiding places? Your size multiplies the possibilities.

Then, dear special younger brother, would I have become the expressive reader I am if I hadn't read you all those stories at bed time, and other times, when mum and dad needed you to stop? Just stop doing things for a bit and give them a break?

Then, dearest older brother, I know we're not supposed to be getting on, us both being teenagers now, but it is good that we regularly talk about things we have in common. We're only a year apart in school and sing in the same choir. So, let's be honest, we do have a lot people we know in common. In fact, dare I say it, some friends in common.

And if I wasn't the only daughter, I wouldn't have that unique relationship with mum.

Now Dad, can I have a new reading light to replace the one they just ruined?

If truth be told, as it always should, I wouldn't make her work that hard. She's a lovely daughter, and now a teenager.

How time flies...

I used to like dolls 'n' stuff but I've got brothers.

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