Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Look at my car, of course there's a God

I was in a rush to work a couple of days ago, made all the more hectic by the winter frost we've been having. But amidst frantic scrubbing of frost off the car windows I was stopped in my tracks, as it were, by the look of my car roof.

I was glad I wasn't having to brush it off, it would have felt cruel. It made me immediately think of the wonder of creation. From a more argumentative perspective, it made me wonder how people could look at the complexity of such small features of beauty and say 'this is all by chance'.
It reminds me of two further points. The first being the complexity of snowflakes, that doesn't need the assertion that 'no two snowflakes are the same' to be true to make you gaze in wonder at these chilled feathers from heaven (don't my car frost patterns resemble feathers so wonderfully?)

The second point is regarding evolution, of all things!
It matters little to Catholics weather God created the world with or without his tool of evolution. Evolution within species has plenty of evidence. Even humans have evolved in time. However, when I recently read that the Theory of Evolution has not one single example to prove it as the explanation of the 'origin of species', this made me wonder again at God's more direct Providence.
Creationists, as I remember from Higher Biology at school, believe God to have created everything at a particular moment in time. Well, that was one extreme view presented to us. Certainly, He is proposed as having created each specie directly, not one from another. Subsequently, another year at university studying Biology still confirmed in my own mind the idea that evolution was the answer to the origins of life.

But there still is an evidence gap I have discovered. So, when I suddenly realised that evolution as the origin of species is a theory that has become an assumption for the order and variety I see around me, I felt slightly duped.
I felt duped that I could have been wondering at God's direct involvement in my life through the material world I saw around me all through my life. Instead I'd been persuaded to see God somewhere distant at the beginning, pushing the big ball of mass off His table to start the Big Bang. He was so far removed, with milions of years of evolution separating us, that God couldn't be realistically perceived, nowhere had He left His mark in my environment.

But now, with evolution back into it's proper scientific status as a theory, I could wonder again at Providence as more immediately graspable. And if evolution as the origin of species, as God's chosen tool of Nature, is proven, so be it. I'm still a Catholic. God is still the Author. God is still the Boss.
One final point. How clever then is God to have thought of evolution, if it is proven to be all some would like to be. In all it's complexity, it's a means of masking his Providence from those who want to deny His existence. It gives a means to ultimate freedom of intellect -to put God at the centre and science as a servant of Truth or Science at the centre and God as just a tool.
Pity you if the latter is all you have, it's a pittance.

Choose the former and be filled with Love and Wonder.

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