Monday, 26 November 2012

Staring at your tail

Yesterday I was shattered. My wife and I had a social life at the weekend and I'm obviously too old for such youthful, crazy-dude pursuits. Old friends are great to catch up with but costly if you gab past midnight. Since then, as my previous post outlined, I've needed to catch up on another Old Friend, Sleep.
In between, things can get to you that normally don't. In fact, an unfinished working day of nine hours up to that point was taking its toll and I was really fixated. Thankfully, the distraction of family life came to the rescue. Then I managed to do the additional hour. Sigh.

World, I'd like to formally apologise for anything you found, and are finding, objectionable in my behaviour. Six out of ten, must try harder. (Well, not work harder, maybe just smarter. Do I even deserve 7? Ok, I'm stroking the cat as I type and she's purring, so maybe I get seven.)

So I cheered myself up by checking the viewing stats for my blog so far. Wow! Someone is reading it right now. And they use the same unusual browser as me. And the same unusual operating system. Wow! And 'Don't track your own pageviews' wasn't selected.
I was, in fact, my own audience. I was viewing the stats that I was the stats.

We say it's a small world. It doesn't get much smaller than viewing your own thoughts.

Even my cat, lazy as she sometimes seems, doesn't look at herself except to clean herself, not even her tail. Moreover, she doesn't appear in the least bit stressed over anything. Anything at all.
Net traffic? Who cares?
I just feel the warmth inside.
So, when I feel myself getting all stressed out, I need to act more like a cat. I'm not sure exactly what that will look like, but it gave me paws to think: I should stop thinking and go chill out and meet the world outside my own thoughts. This blog helps me do it, regardless of stats.
A loyal reader
ps Thanks to sometime-viewers of this blog in France, Germany, the US (and maybe the UK?), Sweden and Indonesia. You're not me (hurrah for you!) and your views did cheer me up, as did this video:

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