Sunday, 25 November 2012

The imminent vocation

I am probably like most people in that I occasionally have things happen that make me think 'is this the job/role I'm supposed to be doing in life?' For me that really gets asked as 'what is God calling me to do?' Better still, go ahead and ask 'what do You want me to do?'
As people come and go at work, sometimes people surprise you by indicating how they're likely to move on. I think I'm quite conservative that way. I'm a 'bloom where you're planted person'. In particular, I'm concerned not to think the grass is greener somewhere else- perhaps I've done that in the past and I realise there's an immaturity there. Besides, one thing I have learned is that your learn more about yourself in adversity, even if it's just hard work. Moreover, another benefit is the satisfaction after enduring what's dreaded in some way, or finding your own way of getting to the other side of it.

But anyway, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration on that front! The clouds lifted! My Vocation became clear: sleep.

God wants me to get a good night's sleep. 

It's obvious, and sometimes our lofty ideas of what to do next are best put aside in favour of the obvious, the imminent. This is especially true if everyone around me prefers me properly rested!
I'm not asleep, I'm refuelling my patience and sense of reason.
Our youngest two, the way we prefer them. (I'm kidding).
But is this imminent vocation also immanent? (Or have I butchered the English language enough for one post?)


[im-uh-nuhnt] adjective
remaining within; indwelling; inherent.
Philosophy . (of a mental act) taking place within the mind of the subject and having no effect outside of it. Compare transeunt.
Theology . (of the Deity) indwelling the universe, time, etc. Compare transcendent

Contrary to the second definition, I believe it will have a very obvious effect on those around me. How much more pleasant I would be! How much more patient! But, more seriously, the vocation for all is the one that Therese of Lisieux discovered: love. So, I'll love myself as God would want me to, and I'll get the sleep.
But if I don't manage it, I'll just have to love a bit more in order to be pleasant and more patient.

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